Facebook Ad Management

Facebook Advertising to Build Your Brand & Generate Leads – Guaranteed! 

If you’re looking to grow your business and you sell primarily to consumers or small business owners, Facebook Ads are a golden opportunity.

The vast majority of my most successful clients today are using Facebook Ads as part of their marketing strategy. 

That’s because Facebook allows us to precisely target their ideal clients & customers with tailored messaging – and we don’t pay a penny unless we’re successful in reaching them. 

Build Your Brand, Book Appointments, Generate Sales, and Make Money 

Why Facebook Ads?

✔️ Scheduling a consultation
✔️ Scheduling a sales call

✔️ Downloading your “lead magnet”
✔️ Buying a ticket to your event

✔️ Purchasing your product
✔️ Downloading your app
✔️ Signing-up for your online course

Is that why you’re here? 

Because you need that?

Then look no further – that’s what I do. 

I specialize in “direct response” copywriting – which is a fancy way of saying, I write words that make readers take action. 

But not just any action – I write words that drive your readers to take specific, measurable actions as part of a strategic, intentional sales flow.  

So – if you need copywriting specifically crafted to connect with your audience and drive them to buy your product, request a sales consultation, purchase a ticket to your event, or sign-up for your service… click here to request a consultation.

Why Facebook Doesn’t Work for Most Businesses

There’s a big difference between *having a Facebook Page* and running a paid advertising campaign.

Creating a Facebook Page for your business and posting content there is an important first step, but if you’re not running a targeted Ads campaign in addition, you’re only reaching a tiny fraction of the audience you could be reaching. 

“That Sounds Like it Might be… Expensive?”

… I’m not cheap, if that’s what you’re asking.

My time is valuable and I charge a premium for it.

But evaluated against the results I generate for my clients – hiring me is one of the smartest financial decisions you could make. 

My copywriting has directly generated tens of millions of dollars for my own businesses and for my clients in a variety of industries across the country.  

I’ve created revenue-generating campaigns for seven-figure law firms, financial planners, SaaS providers, marketing agencies, and medical professionals, just to name a few.

I’ve crafted sales copy for eight-figure management consultants, coaching companies, logistics providers, and many more.  

I’ve written marketing copy for hundreds of six-figure businesses that have gone on to add a “zero” or two to the back-end of their annual revenue. 

I’d like to help you, too. If you want to sell products, book appointments, generate leads, and ultimately make more money in your business, let’s talk. 

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