FREE Business MasterMind: Your Invitation to Survive, Pivot, and THRIVE Despite COVID-19 

COVID-19 flipped our world upside down. But I’m committed to THRIVING in 2020, despite any and all challenges that come our way, and I’d like to help you do the same!

It’s Time to Adjust Your Business Strategy for COVID-19.

“I am so thankful for Danny’s coaching as we build out the marketing strategy for my practice. His expertise has been invaluable.” – Amy Jamieson, Resilient Counseling Services

March 22, 2020 – 

COVID-19 has rocked the world. It’s not yet clear how and when the health crisis will resolve. 

But it’s abundantly clear that the economy has been severely impacted. Millions of layoffs are expected in the next few weeks alone – and the ripple effect of those layoffs will feel like a tsunami. 

We don’t know exactly what the future holds – but as business owners, we don’t have the luxury of waiting to find out.

We’ve got important business and strategic decisions to make right now

THRIVE 2020 is a 100% free MasterMind group built to help you SURVIVE, PIVOT, and ultimately THRIVE in this new environment.

You’re invited to participate! 

Here’s what’s included:

✓ Weekly Group MasterMind Session via Zoom (These sessions will feature teaching, open discussion, and Q&A. They will be recorded so you can access them even if you can’t attend live.)

✓ Special Online “Critical Skills” Trainings (Learn key skills that can help you right now – like how to start advertising on Facebook, how to start using email marketing, etc.)

✓ Access to Private Facebook Group (Connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs for encouragement, perspective, motivation, and ideas to keep moving forward!)

✓  Business Tips & Insight via Email (I will periodically send tips, insights, strategies, and information via this exclusive email list.)

✓ More to Come as the Group Evolves (I will continually look for ways to make this group a valuable resource as you pilot your business!)

*** One-on-one coaching is unfortunately NOT included in this free program. I’d love to personally coach everyone through this, but I need to spend the majority of my time serving my paying clients. However, there will be time for Q&A during the weekly Zoom sessions! 

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Your Three Step COVID-19 Response Plan: Survive. Pivot. Thrive. 

There are specific details that make COVID-19 a unique event – but there’s nothing new about an economic recession. And there’s a simple formula that will help you weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side.

Phase One: Survive.

The first steps are essentially about keeping the lights on. Making sure that cash continues to come in the door and that you can continue to meet your financial obligations. There are three fundamental steps that you need to take at this stage.

First, call your customers and clients. Get an update from them. Determine what you can do to continue providing value to them and help them adjust to THEIR new reality. It’s critical that you keep your cash flow coming in, and that will likely require finding new ways to serve your clients – or at least adjusting your current model. 

Second, if necessary, consider strategically trimming your expenses. CAUTION: If you cut expenses, be clear on the difference between an “expense” and an “investment.” For example, marketing is an investment, and this is the **wrong** time to cut your marketing. Nonetheless, if your cash flow is down and you don’t have cash reserves you can draw from, you will need to consider cutting or finding ways to postpone expenses. 

Third, do everything possible to extend your runway by accessing additional capital. There are a number of sources offering business grants during this time. The SBA is offering low-interest rate business loans. There are a variety of no-interest credit cards available. You don’t necessarily have to utilize these sources, but it’s a good idea to complete preliminary steps and applications so that you have options available to you should you need them.  

The goal for phase one is simple: Stop the bleeding and keep the lights on. 

Phase Two: Pivot.

“The expertise that Danny Decker offers to his clients is at a high level that you rarely see in the industry. The advice, objectivity, and direction Danny delivers exceeds that of many of the marketing experts I have ever worked with.” – Cassmer Ward, Nexagy Consulting

Here’s where we can start to have fun again. COVID-19 has reset the marketplace. We’ve all been dropped into a new environment. The etch-a-sketch has been shaken!

That means there’s an opportunity for all of us to pivot and find new ways to serve our customers and clients. There are new opportunities to market, new ways to sell, new ways to deliver your products and services, new ways to build your team, and so on.

There are two critical questions to be answered:

>>> What does the “new reality” look like for your customers and clients?
>>> How can you adjust or re-invent your products and services to serve them better?

Phase Three: Thrive.

Fortunes will be made and companies WILL thrive during the next 6-24 months. 

👉 Airbnb was launched in a recession.
👉 Uber was launched in a recession.
👉 Steve Jobs launched the iPod in a recession. (It did alright!)
👉 Microsoft launched in a terrible economic climate. So did Burger King, Disney, General Motors, and General Electric.

There’s going to plenty of opportunity for each of us as the dust settles. This MasterMind program will help you take decisive action now and position yourself for growth.

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Additional Thoughts on How You Can Respond Right Now to COVID-19

Whether or not you’re interested in joining the group, I’ve got a few thoughts to share with you:

👉 Mindset is EVERYTHING right now. The news is nothing-but-negativity right now and it’s probably only going to get worse. Analysts predict millions of layoffs and massive uncertainty – likely at a scale we’ve never seen before. It’s critically important that you don’t let the negativity drag you down and create a victim mindset. For that reason, be careful about how much media you consume. Stay informed but make sure you separate the facts from the emotion.

“I’ve never been so excited about the future of my company! Danny’s workshop provided much-needed direction for me.” – John Wroth, Deck Medic of Lake Norman

👉 Seek a variety of perspectives as you plan your next steps. This crisis is impacting different people and different businesses in very different ways. Do your best to break out of your bubble and get perspective from others – especially other business owners. This is one reason why I’m offering this MasterMind Group!

👉 Many people find themselves in “wait and see” mode right now as we try to figure out what’s next. The problem is – this thing doesn’t have a defined endpoint like a “normal” natural disaster would. We could be “waiting” for quite a long time. On the flip side, one of the “gifts” that this situation is giving us is the luxury of TIME. We’ve all got more free time in our lives than we’re used to right now. So – how can you use that time productively? My encouragement: set a few specific goals for the next seven days. It’s hard to project much further than that right now, and there’s a lot you can get done in a week.

👉 Do everything possible to stay personally healthy. Coronavirus does not result in severe illness for most people that are infected, but this is not a good time to be sick in any capacity. Take all reasonable precautions to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy! 

👉 As a result of social distancing, Americans are spending a lot more time online, and especially on social media. And that means that every business should be doubling down on their digital / social media strategy right now.

✔️This is a great time to hold a series of webinars.
✔️This is a great time to launch a digital course.
✔️This is a great time to start email marketing.
✔️This is a great time to create video content.
✔️This is a great time to create blog content.
✔️This is a great time to launch your podcast.
✔️This is a great time to revamp your website.
✔️This is a great time to spend money on PAID social media ads to help you reach a much larger audience.

**** This is a great time to assist other businesses with all of the above! ****

✔️This is a great time to help consumers stay entertained at home.
✔️This is a great time to help people manage their stress and anxiety.
✔️This is a great time to offer remote education for kids and/or adults.
✔️This is a great time to help investors update their financial strategy.
✔️This is a great time to pivot your business to solve new problems that have emerged for your customers and clients.

This is a great time to set yourself up for success once things get back to normal… and they will.

Let’s get through this thing together! 

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