Get More Referrals By Asking at the Right Time

This is a simple concept that I covered on the podcast previously, but it’s a really big deal and I want to address it here as well. 

You already know that one important step in earning more referrals for your business is by asking for them. 

But have you ever thought about when the ideal time to ask your clients and customers for a referral really is? And have you created a system to make sure that it happens?

Every relationship ebbs and flows. There are high points and there are low points. And there are a lot of points in between. The relationship your business has with your clients and customers is no different. 

It’s important that you understand what this looks like in your specific business. It’s important for many reasons, but it’s specifically important for our topic today because your clients and customers are far more likely to make a referral when they’re really, really happy with you

For example, at Spotlight Branding, clients were universally thrilled with us when we launched their new website. They love sharing it with family and friends and hearing how great it looks. Consequently, they were very happy with us. 

So we implemented a standard procedure that our account managers would ask for referrals shortly after launching a new site. And what do you know… we started getting more referrals!

What does that look like in your business? When are your clients and customers most thrilled and happy with you?

THAT point in time is when you should be asking for a referral. Don’t miss the opportunity to strike when the iron is hot. 

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Danny Decker

I work with business owners to create real, practical marketing plans – and create systems to make sure the plan actually gets executed. I’ll help you put a strategy in place to create predictably positive cash-flow, to generate new leads consistently, to create more referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, and much more.

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