Let’s Grow Your Business Together

Are you struggling to grow your business?  Are you lost because you’re not sure where to turn or who to trust?  Are you frustrated with marketing vendors that promise results but can’t deliver? 

I get it! You’re not alone.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how great your product or your service is – if you don’t know how to market and sell it, your business is going to become stagnant.

But you’re not a marketing expert – so where are you supposed to go for help? 

It’s not hard to find marketing advice.  There are plenty of marketing vendors out there who are happy to give you advice.

The problem is, those marketing vendors are selling their services.

And so their advice, invariably, is “hire us to fix your problem.”  Whether or not their solution actually makes sense for your business! 

You’ve probably heard the saying “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!”  That’s kind of what it’s like having a strategic conversation with a marketing vendor! 

I operate differently.  I’m not selling marketing services.  I don’t do websites, I don’t design logos, I don’t sell SEO or PPC ads.

I’m a strategic partner for business owners and marketing professionals.

I help you create a plan & solve your marketing puzzle. I offer this in three different packages:

Outside “Chief Marketing Officer” Program

If you own a business with annual revenue between $500,000 – $5M, this program is meant for you.

✓ You’ve got a growing business.
✓ You provide products & services that your clients and customers love.
✓ You’ve got a small but effective team.
✓ You’ve got marketing staff in place – but you need help directing & mentoring them. 

You’re doing a lot of things right – but you’re nowhere close to reaching your full potential.

You could be making a bigger splash. You could be serving more clients & customers. You could employ more people. You could be making more money.

The problem is, you’re not sure how to accelerate your growth.

You don’t have a real marketing plan in place. You’re not sure which marketing vendors to trust. You’re not even sure if the vendors you’ve hired are doing a good job or not.

My Outside CMO Program is perfect for you! 

For a small fraction of a full-time CMO salary, I’ll help you:

✓ Create a marketing plan that really works
✓ Audit your marketing vendors to ensure you’re getting the results that you’re paying for
✓ Strategize, plan, and coordinate new marketing campaigns that drive revenue
✓ Track your results and eliminate wasted marketing time and effort
✓ Train your marketing staff & help them grow professionally
✓ Ensure that your marketing efforts are in-line with your organizational growth goals
✓ And a whole lot more!

Due to the intensive, hands-on nature of this program, I only work with a small-number of clients in this capacity.

If you’re interested and you want more details, please click here to contact me now! 

Marketing Simplified™ Coaching Program

If you’re in the early stages of growing your business or you haven’t launched yet, my Coaching Program may be perfect for you. It’s intended for businesses that:

✓ Gross under $500K per year in annual revenue
✓ Don’t have full-time marketing staff
✓ May still operate as a “one-man shop” or have just 2-3 full-time employees.
✓ Have done very-little marketing so far
✓ Are ready to break-through and get to the next level! 

If you need help creating a marketing strategy but you’ve got limited resources, my Coaching Program will help you:

✓ Create a customized marketing action-plan that you can realistically execute
✓ Take advantage of FREE and low-cost marketing opportunities
✓ Put basic marketing systems in place so that it works without you
✓ Figure out your brand & messaging strategy
✓ Generate leads more consistently
✓ And much more!

If you’re interested and you want more details, please click here to contact me now!

Project-Based Consulting

If there’s a specific marketing project, problem, or opportunity that you’re stuck on, I can help! 

For example, you may need help figuring out how to:

  • Get your website to generate more phone calls
  • Create a better marketing message so clients understand what makes you different
  • Create a content marketing strategy to keep prospects engaged
  • Build a brand that justifies higher-price points
  • Figure out your pricing strategy 
  • Get your clients & customers to tell their friends about you
  • How to increase your “average ticket price” and make more profit with each client or customer

If you’d like my help with a specific marketing project, please click here to contact me now!