HVAC, Landscapers, Cleaners, Electricians, Plumbers & Other Service Providers

If you don’t have a big marketing budget,
your time is your most valuable asset.

But are you spending your time in the right place – or are you spinning your wheels in vain?

In the early stages, your customers are generally coming from one of two places:

>>> Referrals and relationships from your personal network
>>> Repeat-business and word-of-mouth recommendations from past customers.

If you’re still in the early stages of growth, I can help you do the following:

✓ Clarify your marketing message so that your network recognizes a good referral opportunity
✓ Create systems to build top-of-mind awareness and create more referrals
Build a strategic networking plan so that you’re investing your time wisely & profitably
Create a social media strategy to complement your networking strategy
Build marketing systems to keep your past clients engaged and coming back for more

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As your business grows and cash flow improves, you have more options.
  • You could invest in Pay-Per-Click online advertising.
  • You could launch a Search Engine Optimization campaign.
  • You could use Facebook and LinkedIn ads to generate leads.
  • You could use “old school” direct mail.
  • You could run ads on the radio.
The problem is, while each of these options could work for you, they could also wind up wasting thousands of dollars while producing little or no results.

Unfortunately, I could tell you dozens of horror stories. It’s very easy to waste money – a lot of money – through paid advertising. 

You need a strategic partner to help you identify the marketing strategies that make sense for your business, in your market, within your budget. 

You need a strategic partner to help you identify the right vendors to execute these strategies – and to help you determine whether you’re getting a positive return on the money you’re investing.

If you’re ready to take your service-business to the next level, I want to help you:

✓ Create a lead-generation plan that makes sense for your business & your budget
Assess and manage your current marketing vendors to ensure that you’re spending your money wisely
✓ Create a premium brand to attract more business & help you charge higher rates
✓ Develop a strategy to stand out from the competitors in your industry
✓ Interview, hire & mentor your in-house marketing team
✓ Create your overall strategic marketing plan to help you grow
✓ And more!

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