Grow Your Business Faster by Raising Your Prices

One of the best and most important ways that your marketing can improve your overall business performance has NOTHING to do with attracting *more* customers.

In fact, getting *more* customers should be a secondary goal. More important is using your marketing to justify higher price points for your products and services. 

Here’s a simple illustration. Let’s say you own a business selling widgets.

You’re charging $100 per widget. Your cost per widget (overhead, marketing, staff, materials, etc) comes to $90. So you’re making $10 per widget. In an average month, you sell 1000 widgets. 

Units Sold = 100 @ $100
Monthly Revenue = $100,000
Costs = $90,000
Profit = $10,000

Now, you’ve set a goal to double your profits. If you set out to accomplish this goal by selling *more* widgets – you have to double sales. In that event:

Units Sold = 200 @ $100
Monthly Revenue = $200,000
Costs = $180,000
Profit = $20,000

Not a bad outcome! But the work of doubling your sales and keeping up with the increased production is… significant. 

Now, what happens if you attack your goal of doubling your profits by focusing instead **raising your prices** rather than doubling overall sales. Let’s try a 10% price increase…

Units Sold = 100 @ $110
Monthly Revenue = $110,000
Costs = $90,000
Profit = $20,000

A 10% increase creates the same end result – doubling your profits – as doubling your sales volume.

Which do you think is an easier task to accomplish? Doubling your sales volume or rolling out a 10% price increase?

Raising your prices almost always represents the low-hanging fruit – the most direct path to growing your profitability – and so your marketing should be focused on justifying higher price points. 

You may be wondering how to make that happen. Well, I just wrapped up a podcast series breaking down five strategies to help you accomplish exactly that. Each episode is only around 5-7 minutes long – so give it a listen! 

👉 Strategy 1: Deliver a Premium Experience (Listen here:

👉 Strategy 2: Deliver Premium Customer Service (Listen here:
👉 Strategy 3: Find a “Specific Application” for Your Products & Services (Listen here:
👉 Strategy 4: Build Your Personal Brand as an Expert (Listen here:
👉 Strategy 5: Target Clients & Customers That Can Afford Your Higher Rates (Listen here:

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