How to Update Your Marketing Message Post-COVID

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Your messaging is critical to the success of your marketing – and your business as a whole.

COVID-19 has massively disrupted life for just about everybody on the planet, and your customers are no exception. Daily life has changed dramatically, and priorities have changed. Consumers today are worried about things that weren’t even a blip on their radar screen just a few months ago.

And that means your marketing message needs to change in order to be effective. Here are four important steps to make that happen:

Solve a specific problem

Ultimately, marketing is about problem solving. Your business solves a problem for your customers. And so marketing is simply getting the word out… making sure that your customers and clients are aware that (1) they have a problem, and (2) you can solve their problem.

Coronavirus has dramatically changed life for all of us, and so you need to evaluate whether the “problems” you build your marketing message around are still relevant.

What problems are your customers facing, post-COVID? What new problems have been created by the pandemic? Make sure that your marketing is laser-focused on real problems that your customers are facing today.

Stay relevant

One of the most important principles of effective messaging is that you need to join the conversation that’s already happening in the mind of your customers.

It’s very hard to get your customers to completely shift their thought-patterns and their mindset through advertising. It’s much more effective to join the conversation that’s already happening. That’s why car dealerships, for example, are always promoting holiday-specific or season-specific offers. When their customers are already thinking about their Labor Day plans, offering a “Labor Day Sale” is an easy way to catch their attention.

Given that most people are currently bombarded with news and information relating to the virus, you need to look for ways to make your messaging relevant.

For example, the topic of government stimulus has been in the news lately. I helped one of my clients come up with a promotional campaign that we labelled as an “Economic Stimulus Package” for their clients.

The core of the offer was very similar to other offers they’ve run in the past – essentially, it boils down to a “credit” towards the cost of their services. But we branded our offer as “Economic Stimulus” in order to join the conversation that’s already happening – and it’s been very effective.

Emphasize safety and stability

In uncertain times, most (but not all) customers are drawn towards safety and stability. They don’t want to take risks – health risks, financial risks, or any other type of risk.

So the more that you can emphasize safety and security, the more your message is going to resonate.

If you’ve got a physical storefront, it’s very important to communicate the safety procedures that you and your team are following. But even if you don’t have a physical location, you should recognize that you’re asking customers to take a “risk” every time they pull out their wallet. How can you help them see their purchase from you as a wise, safe decision – not a risk?

COVID-19 has disrupted life for everyone. If your marketing is going to be effective, it’s important that your message is relevant. These three tips will help you make it happen!

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