Why SEO is Overrated

Earlier this month Google released another major change to their ranking system. As always, this created chaos, panic, and a flurry of activity in the digital marketing world.

That’s because a lot of marketers are convinced – and want to convince YOU – that SEO is the “Holy Grail” of marketing.

It’s not.

Here’s what you have to understand.

#1 – You can spend thousands of dollars on SEO with no guarantee that you’ll achieve anything. I know so many business owners who have spent hundreds – or thousands – of dollars per month on SEO with nothing worthwhile to show for it.

#2 – Even if you do get to the top of the rankings, Google is constantly changing their algorithm (like they did this month) and your rankings could disappear overnight.

#3 – If you’re lucky enough to get to the top of the rankings and stay there, understand that the leads you’ll get from Google are likely to be price-shoppers. They’ll call you, ask your price, and then call two other people and ask them what their price is. Then they’ll hire the cheapest option. Are those the clients you want?

#4 – If you DO want to get clients from Google, it’s much smarter to run a Paid Ad campaign. That way you’re guaranteed traffic, and you can quickly assess your campaign and determine whether you’re getting a strong ROI.

#5 – Watch the video below to learn more – and to learn where you should be spending your ad budget instead!

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Danny Decker

I work with business owners to create real, practical marketing plans – and create systems to make sure the plan actually gets executed. I’ll help you put a strategy in place to create predictably positive cash-flow, to generate new leads consistently, to create more referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, and much more.

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