An Easier Way to Grow Your Business

The most expensive thing you do in business is acquiring new customers and clients. It takes a significant investment of time, thought, energy, and money to create new clients for your business. Here's an important fact: it's about fifteen times more expensive to create a new client than it is to sell to an existing client or customer.  It's far easier, cheaper, and more profitable to sell to Read More

Other Than Price, Why Should Clients Do Business With You?

You need a better message than "hire me because I'm cheaper than the other guys." Even if you ARE cheaper than the other guys! Because sooner or later, you will find yourself being undercut by the competition.  Not to mention, it's very difficult to build a business based on low-margins. You need a healthy profit margin to be able to hire staff, invest into marketing, and still leave enough left Read More

How to Take Control of Your Personal Brand, Part Two

This is a modified excerpt from my new book,  Marketing Simplified, now available on In Part One of this series, we discussed why it's so important to invest time and resources into building your personal brand. Here, we talk about how to make it happen. (Click here to access Part One.) The first step to building your personal brand is to define the brand you’d like to build. How do you want Read More

How to Take Control of Your Personal Brand, Part One

This is a modified excerpt from my new book, Marketing Simplified, now available on Your business has a brand. You, as an individual, have a brand as well - your personal brand. Whether or not you want to incorporate your personal brand into your business marketing strategy is a decision you’ll have to make. There are some disadvantages to creating a highly visible personal brand, but in most Read More

Get More Referrals By Asking at the Right Time

This is a simple concept that I covered on the podcast previously, but it's a really big deal and I want to address it here as well.  You already know that one important step in earning more referrals for your business is by asking for them.  But have you ever thought about when the ideal time to ask your clients and customers for a referral really is? And have you created a system to make sure that it Read More

How to Use “Price Anchors” to Make More Sales

The most popular item at any steakhouse is almost always the second-most expensive steak on the menu. That's because the second-most expensive steak looks like a bargain next to the most-expensive steak.  If you want to sell more of your $1000 watches, start listing them next to a $3000 watch.  This works because of a cognitive bias that's built into all of us. We don't judge prices objectively - Read More

A Personal Update

A personal update...   After seven AWESOME years building Spotlight Branding, it's time for a new chapter in my life. I've officially sold my share of the company to Marc Cerniglia, my partner since day one.   It's been an amazing journey. We started the business in late 2011, from a spare bedroom in my apartment, and it was just the two of us for the first few years. We had all the energy and Read More

Why You Have an Obligation to Market

Some business owners are squeamish about marketing. They view it as disreputable or even unethical. This mindset will hold you back. If you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed when it comes to marketing and selling your products and services, you won’t succeed. Let’s start here: Do you believe that your product or your service is legitimately valuable? That what you’re selling is making the world a Read More

Snail Mail Isn’t Dead

I built a million-dollar online branding agency. And you don’t need me to tell you that we live in an increasingly digital world. So you may be surprised to learn that some of the most effective marketing I’ve developed involved physical, old-school snail-mail. There are a few different reasons why "old-fashioned" snail mail still works well. First, we’re over-saturated with digital marketing. Email, Read More

Three Tools to Create More Referrals

As discussed in our previous blog entry, in order to create referrals, you have to create top-of-mind awareness with your network. That's why even top brands like Coca-Cola spend billions of dollars in advertising for this purpose. Here are three tools you can use to make this happen in your business. Referral Tool #1 - Your Email Newsletter. Every business should have an email newsletter sent monthly if Read More